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Texwrap E-Pack 3322 Auto-Mailer


Working at a rate of 20 packs per minute, the e-Pack 3322 auto-mailer is significantly faster than manual operations. This system makes shipping products quick and seamless. It creates ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages in a unique operation capable of integration with a labeler and multi-carrier shipping software and gathering and reporting data on exceptions to more smoothly run order fulfillment. Companies using the Auto-Mailer see increased throughput, decreased DIM weight freight costs, and are able to save up to 50 percent on material costs.

Texwrap e-Pack 3322 Features:

  • Ability to accommodate a wide range of product sizes
  • Speeds of up to 20 mailers per minute save on both labor and time
  • Advanced photo eyes that accurately measure the product dimensions to create the perfectly sized mailer every time
  • Saves on manual packing labor costs
  • Significant savings vs pre-made bags
  • By minimizing the amount of packaging used, dimensional weight freight costs are reduced

Texwrap e-Pack 3322 Specifications:

  • Footprint: 98.5″ L x 62.75″ L
  • Maximum Package Size: 6″H x 19″W x 28″L
  • Minimum Package Size: 4″L x 2″W
  • Maximum Film Width: 32″ centerfolded
  • Conveyor Height: Adjustable from 32.5″ to 38.5″
  • Air Requirements: 80 PSI @ 6 cfm
  • Electrical Requirements: 208/240 VAC
  • Maximum Film Speed: 100 feet per minute
  • Machine Controls: Allen Bradley
  • Operator Control Panel: Swivel mounted HMI allows access to the touchscreen from both sides of the wrapper

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