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Wexxar/Bel Wf10t Omni-Hand Fully Automatic Case Erector


The Wexxar/BEL WF10T fully automatic case erector which forms up to 10 cases per minute, has a revolutionary omni-handed feature that forms right- and left-handed cases on the same machine without the need for additional equipment.

Ideal for packaging lines with multiple product sizes, the WF10T allows you to pack products in batches of left-oriented or right-oriented cases with a quick changeover in between.

The WF10T also features a positive case squaring operation, which delivers cases in a perfectly-square, fully-upright position—ready for packing.

Wexxar/BEL WF10T Features:

  • Positive Case Squaring System – Lines up and squares the case during sealing, creating visually appealing case output.
  • Toolless Size Changes – A truly tool-free operation and complete size changes in under 5 minutes.
  • Pin & Dome: As flat case blank is injected into the two facing plates, the pin goes into the flutes and the dome pinches the corrugated tightly. The two plates then open to 90 degrees to perfectly square the case. Since no compressed air is used in this process, it greatly decreases contamination and is more durable than vacuum cups, which can clog and wear.
  • Safety and Ergonomic Features: Floor level tending reduces strain; every machine Wexxar/BEL builds is fully guarded from in-feed to out-feed, interlocked safety guarding throughout the machine; easily accessed control and assemblies; palm e-switches located on both sides.
  • Dynamic Flap Folding: Wexxar/BEL case erectors have a dynamic flap folding system. As long plow rails aren’t used, the overall length of the machine is significantly more compact.

Wexxar/BEL WF10T Specifications:

  • Speed – Maximum 10 cases per minute (CPM)
  • Size maximum – L: 20 x W: 15 x D: 15
  • Size minimum – L: 9 x W: 7 x D: 5 Minimum (smaller/custom sizes available by request)

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