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3m-Matic 7000r Hs Pro & 7000r3 Hs Pro Random Case Sealer


The 3M-Matic 7000r HS Pro / 7000r3 HS Pro Random Case Sealer gives packaging flexibility and speed to manufacturers and distributors across the board.

Advanced technology makes this case sealer a perfect solution for both top and bottom sealing of random-sized boxes. Photo eye dectection helps with box centering and helps the taper automatically adjusts to both the carton height and width. The high speed pro (both the 7000r and 7000r3) can also handle up to 28 different size cases per minute.

Standard features include the top and bottom drive belt system, the central emergency stop, dual masts and an infeed conveyor. Additional options such as: an exit conveyor, locking casters or a tape application monitor (TAM) can be added.

These box tapers have interchangeable 2 or 3 inch taping heads to help maximize production; and with the 3M AccuGlide 4 Taping Heads, the machine allows for reliable application of tape without case damage.

Electro-pneumatic height adjustment provides precise performance. Along side the adjustable legs and outer columns the 7000r HS and 7000r2 HS has ability for incremental box height min-max ranges.

3M 7000r / 7000r3 HS Pro “Innovative” Features:

  • 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 Taping Heads ensure reliable application of tape without box damage
  • Interchangeable 2- or 3-inch taping heads maximize production flexibility
  • Photo eye detection for box centering quickly responds to cartons of different widths
  • Electro-pneumatic height adjustment delivers precision performance and durability
  • PLC control
  • Long life column linear bearings and guides for precision upper assembly movement
  • Adjustable legs and outer columns for incremental case height min–max range
  • Lights on outer columns for ease of interpreting machine status for operator

3M 7000r / 7000r3 HS Pro “Standard” Features:

  • Operating rate is up to 28 cases per minute – Air required
  • Top and bottom drive belt system
  • Centrally located emergency stop
  • Dual masts
  • Infeed conveyor

3M 7000r / 7000r3 HS Pro “Additional” Options:

  • Exit Conveyor
  • Locking Casters
  • Tape Application Monitor (TAM)

3M 7000r High Speed Pro Specifications:

  • Length – Minimum: 7.0 in
  • Length – Maximum: N/L
  • Width – Minimum: 7.0 in
  • Width – Maximum: 26.0 in
  • Height – Standard Position: 3-1/2 in
  • Height – Fully Raised Position: 14-3/8 in

3M 7000r3 High Speed Pro Specifications:

  • Length – Minimum: 7.0 in
  • Length – Maximum: N/L
  • Width – Minimum: 7.0 in
  • Width – Maximum: 26.0 in
  • Height – Standard Position: 27 in
  • Height – Fully Raised Position: 38-1/8 in

Overall Shared Specifications:

  • Max Height (Extended Position): 95 in
  • Width Across Outside Columns: 45 in
  • Width of Conveyors: 30.3 in
  • Length of Optional Outfeed Conveyor: 17.8 in
  • Overall Length of Machine (excluding outfeed conveyor): 64.5 in
  • Optional Caster Height (add additional): 4.38 in
  • Drive Belts: 150fpm
  • Pneumatic: 90 PSIG, 15 SCFM, Peak Usage
  • Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 9.5A, 1/2 HP (1140 watts), PLC control

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