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Interpack Ripcord Tape Head (Knife-Free-Packaging)


The RipCord™ case taping system from Intertape Polymer Group® offers a convenient, all-in-one package sealing and opening solution.

The innovation-driven technology combines automated case sealing with knife-free carton access, resulting in a secure, tamper-evident package that is easy and safe to open.

A specially-designed cord is applied to the package during the carton sealing process. The highly-visible cord is easily lifted and pulled across the taped seam to quickly and safely open the package.

No sharp knives, blades or special tools are required to open cartons sealed with RipCord™—protecting both the package handler and valuable carton contents.

The RipCord™ tape head is compatible with most automatic case sealing machines.

Ripcord Features:

  • Prevents damage to contents
  • Reduces carton opening injuries
  • Compatible with most case sealing machines

Ripcord Features:
Model HSD 2000-ETII RC:

  • Maximum Line Speed: 90 fpm
  • Tape Leg Length: 2″ to 2.5″
  • Tape Width: 1.5″ (min.) to 2″ (max.)
  • Tape Roll Diameter: 13.5″ (max.)
  • Tape Head Dimensions: 4.05″ (width) 14.98″ (height)
  • Tape Head Weight: 20 lbs.

Model HSD 2000-ETII RC/3:

    • Maximum Line Speed: 90 fpm
    • Tape Leg Length: 2″ to 2.5″
    • Tape Width: 2.5″ (min.) to 3″ (max.)
    • Tape Roll Diameter: 13.5″ (max.)
    • Tape Head Dimensions: 5.05″ (width) 14.98″ (height)
    • Tape Head Weight: 23 lbs.

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