Interpack H2O USA 2024-SB Wat Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealer


The Interpack USA 2024-WAT uniform semi-automatic case sealer is an adjustable, operator fed machine that provides higher throughput speeds, low maintenance and a lower cost.

Sealing cartons with water-activated tape how can output high line speeds, making it faster and easier. The simple tape head assembly allows for easy-to-thread tape rolls, easy loading bottom take roll and less roll changes with tape rolls up to 4,500′.

The USA 2024-SB WAT used a color-coded indicator to assure proper spacing between RSC boxes with a double wipe-down for an extra secure seal. The new patented roller-style adhesive activation technology self cleans for less maintenance.

The IPG case taper allows for operator ease of use with adjustable tape leg lengths and a slide & lock case height adjustment for quick case size set up. Add the option for heavy-duty casters or an in-feed table for additional convenience.

IPG offers both reinforced and paper water-activated tapes in a variety of roll lengths. WAT tapes are available in stock prints or can be customized with logos, QR codes, handling instructions or other customized messages.

Intertape H2O USA 2024-SB WAT Features:

  • Twin ¹⁄₃ HP gear motors process heavy cases for 24/7 operation
  • New patented roller-style adhesive activation technology self cleans for less maintenance
  • Easy loading bottom tape roll with pneumatic carriage
  • Simplicity of the tape head assemblies makes it easy to thread the tape roll
  • Double wipe down provides an extra secure seal
  • Adjustable tape leg lengths
  • Large up to 4,500′ tape rolls for fewer roll changes
  • Slide & lock case height adjustment for quick case size set up
  • Side belt drive captures the case between two moving belts for processing stability
  • Color coded indicator assures proper spacing between cases
  • Powered tape unwind for high output line speeds
  • Easy tape head access for routine maintenance

Additional Options:

  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Tape head spare parts kit
  • In-feed table

Intertape H2O USA 2024-SB WAT Specifications:

  • Min Case: 6″ × 6″ × 5″
  • Max Case: Inf × 20″ × 24″
  • Case Weight: 0 – 85 lbs
  • Belt Speed: 72 ft/min
  • Electric: 110v., 1ph., 60hz., 10.6A., (2 × ¹⁄₃ HP)
  • Pneumatic: 9cfm at 90psi
  • Tape Width: 48 – 78 mm (2″ – 3¹⁄₈”)
  • Conveyor Height: 24″ – 30″
  • Machine Weight: 950 lbs crated
  • Machine Dimensions: 81″ × 54″ × 88.5″

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