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Lantech Cs-1000 Automatic Case Sealer


The Lantech CS-1000 automatic case sealer has a reliable performance. With safe and easy to operation and no fine tuning required – it is a perfect option for any automated line.

Digital indicators on the linear hand-wheel adjustments helps for rapid adjustment, making the CS-1000 a good option when using a wide range of case sizes or flute types – double or single wall.

This Lantech box sealer has a fully guarded folding area and controlled return stroke to help ensure safe operation. It requires no scheduled maintenance with no periodic lubrication needed; and the long life drive belts, accurate drives and simplified changeovers make it a cost-effective solution..

Additional options include: choice of tape, extra guiding, fixed side justification, “low tape” detection, “broken tape” and “tape empty” signals, choice of color and a signal beacon.

Machine Features:

  • Continuous motion operation
  • Seals most common cases – all types of flutes
  • Rapid adjustment for different case sizes
  • Controlled case transport
  • Pre-folding short flaps
  • Easy tape change and case removal
  • Linear hand-wheel adjustments with digital indicators
  • Extra grip via the horizontal profile on the side belts
  • Innovative construction of drive belts simplifies changeovers
  • Double preformed slide unit
  • Fully guarded folding area
  • Controlled return stroke of the flap folder
  • No periodic lubrication necessary.
  • No scheduled maintenance

Additional Options:

  • Choice of tape
  • Extra guiding
  • Fixed side justification
  • “Low Tape” detection
  • “Broken tape” and “tape empty” signal
  • Choice of color
  • Signal beacon


  • Throughput Speed: Up to 30 cases per minute (depending on case dimensions)
  • Case Size Minimum (Outside Dimensions): 7 7/8″ L x 5 7/8″ W x 4 3/4″ H
  • Case Size Maximum (Outside Dimensions): 25 5/8″ L x 20 1/8″ W x 19 5/8″ H

Bottom Seal:

  • Tape Lantech TH- Series (Hot melt optional)

Service Requirements:

    • Air Supply: 6 Bar (80 Psi)

Dedicated Electric Service Req. US: 230V, 3-ph, 60 Hz, Wye w/Ground

Machine Data:

  • Weight: 425 kg (930 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 72″ L x 44″ W x 70 7/8″ H


  • Warranty Duration: 3 years, Unlimited cycles

Other Available Options:

  • Non-Standard Case Dimension: Machine can be modified for a variety of case dimensions.
  • Communication: Various communication configurations possible.
  • Stainless Steel Frame or Components
  • Exit Height Extension: The exit height can be extended.
  • Tape Head Storage Bracket: Holds additional tape head.
  • 3in Tape Head: Applies 3″ wide tape. Replaces standard 2″ tape head.
  • Custom Options: Many options available for case types and dimensions, speeds, closing methods, machine frame and magazine, and machine performance data communications are available.
  • Acoustic Signal: An alarm sounds to indicate the presence of a fault condition.
  • Precison Hot Melt Nozzels: High efficiency nozzles spray hot melt exactly where you want it.
  • Portabilty: Welded steel frame and heavy duty locking casters provide easy maneuverability.
  • Separation Module with Infeed Guiding: Separation cylinders on the infeed to ensure a gap of min 350 mm (13 4/5″) between cases.
  • Detection: Colored lights indicate the status of the machine, blanks supply, and tape or hot melt supply.

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