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Digital Design Evolution I-Hp High Resolution Inkjet Printer

The Evolution I™ Inkjet Printer is an affordable, high-resolution printer—driven by technology from Hewlett-Packard. The compact design and reliable printing makes it a great addition to most industrial packaging operations.

Delivering bold, highly legible characters, the Evolution I offers optimum print resolution of 300 dpi at up to 200 feet per minute. It can be tailored to print one 1/2″ line or two 7/32” lines.

The Evolution I is supplied with a built-in font system, which can be extended to add fonts, logos and other symbols. Ideal for applications involving the printing of lot numbers, product codes, or other non-variable text.

The complete printing system includes a handheld controller, printhead module with built-in product sensor, flash card reader, mounting bracket and power supply. Its network capabilities and PC control allows businesses to create an enterprise-wide printing solution.

Digital Design The Evolution I™ Features:

  • Alpha/Numeric character set, plus special characters
  • Ability to control up to 32 printheads
  • Bracketry capable of mounting up to 4 printheads
  • Character Heights: 1/2″ or 7/32″
  • Character Length: 24 at 1/2″ height; 48 at 7/32″ height
  • Print Resolution: 300dpi at 200 fpm
  • Programmable line speed
  • Programmable print direction
  • Programmable print delay
  • Inter-character spacing
  • Inverted printing
  • Language prompts: English and Spanish

Digital Design The Evolution I™ Specifications:

  • Production Speed: Up to 200 fpm
  • Ink Cartridge Volume: 42cc (supply monitoring)
  • Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
  • Power Requirements: 110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 5 Amp
  • Environmental: 50°–104°F; up to 80% RH
  • Controller Dimensions: 4.125″W x 8.750″L x 1.5″D
  • Printhead Module Dimensions: 2″W x 4″D x 3″H

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