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Squid Ink SQ/2 Large Character Inkjet Printer

Offering the lowest price per printed character in the industry, the SQ/2 large character inkjet printing system prints high-quality dot-matrix characters on a variety of products and substrates.

Depending on your printing application, choose the water-based model for printing on porous surfaces like corrugated cartons, or the solvent-based model for printing on non-porous surfaces like glass, metal and stretch wrap film.

An added feature of the SQ/2 is the ability to run two print heads, giving you the option of printing on one or two sides of the product.

Squid Ink SQ/2 Features:

  • Low Cost, Large Character Printing
  • Prints on Multiple Surfaces
  • Simple, Virtually Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Run One or Two Print Heads from the Same Controller
  • Program and Save Print Messages with Easy-to-Use Software
  • Water-Based or Solvent-Based Models
  • SQ/2 Exchange Program Eliminates the Need for Service Calls and Minimizes Downtime;
    Printheads and Components can be Replaced in Less than 5 Minutes

Optional Accessories:

  • Spare Parts Kit (Printhead, Card Cage and PC Board Pack, Air Pump Module,
    Data Cable and Master Cap)
  • Starter Kit (Ink, System Flushing Cleaner, Cleaner Spray Bottle, Hand Cleaner,
    Lint-Free Printhead Wipes)
  • 5-Gallon Pail Upgrade (for Water-Based Ink only)
  • PC Integration Communications Software
  • Repeat Print Firmware
  • Extended Character Width Firmware (for Print Speeds Slower than 20 FPM)
  • Rollaway Stand with Caster Wheels (also provides Mount for SQ/2 Controller)
  • On-site Installation and Training

Squid Ink SQ/2 Specifications:

  • Printer Type: Large Character Inkjet Printer (3/4″, 1/2″ or 3/8″)
  • Character Height:
    .75″ in 7 x 5 Matrix
    .5″ in 5 x 5 Matrix, or .5″ in 7 x 5 Matrix
    .375″ in 5 x 5 Matrix, or .375″ in 7 x 5 Matrix
    .25″ in 5 x 5 Matrix
  • Character Set: 61 character ASCII Set
  • Print Speed: 20 to 200 FPM Line Speed
  • Message Length: 60 Characters per Message; 64 Memory Locations
  • Communication: RS-232C, 9600 Baud, 8 Data Bits, 1 Start, 1 Stop, Asynch
  • Software Features: 24-hour clock, Julian calendar, Counter, Lot Counter
  • Operating Features: Dot Size, Print Delay, Character Width, Photocell On/Off,
    Invert Print, Reverse Print, Purge Routine
  • Controller Dimensions: 12″H x 12″W x 5.25″D
  • Controller Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Printhead Dimensions: 3″H x 1.6″W x 7″L
  • Product Sensor: Diffuse Beam Photocell (24v) or Hardware Sinking Signal
  • Electrical Requirements: 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 amp
  • Cabinet Construction: Industrial Gauge Coated Steel
  • Operating Environment: 38°F to 122°F
  • Substrate Capabilities: Porous or Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Ink Volume: .5 Gallon Bottle Standard; Upgradable to 5.0 Gallon Pail for
    Water-Based Ink

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