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Lantech S-1500 Overhead Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech® S-1500 overhead straddle stretch wrapper is designed for wrapping 45 to 60 loads per hour. This conveyorized system reduces labor and increases throughput with automated load indexing, attaching, cutting and film wiping. The S-1500 provides automation with minimum space requirements. Increased flexibility allows in-line, end-of-line or freestanding configuration where load accumulation is beneficial.

key feature of the S-1500 is the inclusion of the patented Pallet-Grip® device, which securely locks loads to the pallet, thus reducing load shift and potential product damage.

ll components of the S-1500 are covered by Lantech’s comprehensive 3-year, unlimited-cycles warranty, ensuring long-term productivity and reliability.

Lantech® S-1500 Features:

  • Patented Pallet-Grip® System
  • Lan-Logix™ Controller
  • Power Roller-Stretch® Plus Film Delivery System
  • Accommodates loads that are not suitable for turntable wrapping
  • Effectively handles lightweight, tall, unstable or irregularly-shaped loads

Lantech® S-1500 Specifications:

  • Production Speed: 45-60 loads per hour
  • Maximum Load Size: 58″L x 58″W x 80″H
  • Power Roller-Stretch® Plus: 250% Stretch (Standard); 100-300% (Available)
  • Wrapping Force: Electronically Controlled
  • Pallet-Grip®: Standard
  • Pneumatic: 3-5 CFM @ 80 PSI Clean, Dry Air (Standard)
  • Machine Shipping Weight: 8250 lbs.
  • Voltage: 460V
  • System Logic: PLC/Touchscreen
  • NEMA 12-Enclosure
  • Warranty: 3-Year; Unlimited Cycles; All Components

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