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Dehnco Packing Stations

Streamline your packing process, create better supplies storage and improve overall productivity with Dehnco Packing Stations. Offering endless design and configuration possibilities, these systems make it easy to solve issues of storage, ergonomics and workflow often associated with packing environments.

The PBS-904 works well for situations requiring storage of small-sized packaging materials.

The PBS-909 is a great choice for applications requiring multiple packing stations within a limited amount of floor space.

The PBS-911 is designed to accommodate rolls of packing material, such as Kraft paper.

The PBS-918 is well suited for environments requiring additional storage and accessibility for small packaging items and materials.

The PBS-935 pack bench and table is an ideal configuration for small to medium size packing operations.

Modular components make packing stations an ideal solution for a variety of packaging operations. Stations can be upgraded or modified as your requirements change.

Dehnco Packing Station Features:

  • Large Work Surfaces
  • Improved Organization
  • Added Storage
  • Maximized Floor Space
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Additional Features:

  • Overhead sorting unit, includes bins for literature, samples and other small items
  • Roll bar kit and small slat wall, accommodates additional packing supplies
  • Carton storage racks, included under the table for easy access


  • Oriented back-to-back, allows workers to share common supplies while doubling output capacity


  • Overhead carton storage
  • Unique roll storage and rotary cutting system
  • Easy access and fast, efficient dispensing
  • Mid-level closed-back document shelf for additional storage


  • Lower sorting section with numerous bins for supplies
  • Roll bar kit and rotary cutter for storing and dispensing
  • Slat wall module for above-table access to additional supplies
  • Overhead carton storage rack


  • Adjustable legs and components for easy access
  • Upper-level carton shelf and a closed document shelf
  • Rolled material and cutting bar
  • Metal drawer for small item storage
  • Material dispensing system (optional)
  • Side scale table (optional)
  • CRT/keyboard platforms (optional)

Dehnco Packing Station Specifications:

  • Durable, Smooth-Surface Worktops
  • Tables and Benches are Height Adjustable from 29″ to 36″
  • All Metal Components feature 14-16 gauge steel
  • Benches and Tables Support up to 1800 lbs.
  • Pack Tables Feature Rounded Edges with Inlaid Vinyl Edges for Worker Safety and Protection

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