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Dehnco Support and Storage

Convert unused space over conveyors into productive testing or manifesting space. Over-the-conveyor workstations from Dehnco provide convenient access to computers, labelers, packing materials, and more.

These modular systems integrate easily into almost any conveyorized operation, and make great use of space-deficient areas such as packing departments or shipping environments. The OC-1503 is ideal for applications that require product testing during the packaging process.

Dehnco also offers a variety of carton storage solutions for added convenience and availability.

The D-9060 Carton Rack is a small standalone unit that is designed to accommodate up to four different sizes of flat cartons or large mailing pouches. The CS-1101 2-Tier Carton Storage Cart is a freestanding rack system, featuring eight segments to store flat cartons or low profile items up to 36″x42″. For even more storage options, consider the CS-1103 3-Tier Supply Cart, which can sort and store up to twelve sizes of flat cartons.

All three units are capable of supporting up to 800 lbs. of supplies. Casters can be added to all carton storage systems for added portability.

Dehnco Support and Storage Features:

  • Provides Convenience and Accessibility
  • Maximizes Limited Floor Space
  • Boosts Worker Productivity and Ergonomics
  • Promotes Organization and Reduces Clutter
  • Creates Safer, More Streamlined Workspace
  • Improves Workflow

Dehnco Support and Storage Specifications:

  • Modules Adjust to Worker Preference
  • Sheet Metal Components are 14-16 Gauge Steel
  • Easy Assembly
  • Available Casters

Additional Specifications:

  • Two 64″x17″ shelves, accommodate printers, computers and related equipment
  • Dual-purpose trays for ergonomic access for monitors and keyboards
  • Hook connectors for additional storage for bins and tools
  • Label dispenser rounds

D-9060 Carton Rack

  • Small standalone unit
  • Accommodates up to four different sizes of flat cartons or large mailing pouches

CS-1101 2-Tier Carton Storage Cart

  • Freestanding rack system
  • Segments to store flat cartons or low profile items up to 36″x42″

CS-1103 3-Tier Supply Cart

  • Sort and store up to twelve sizes of flat cartons
  • Solid 2″ square welded base frame
  • Second and third tiers for a 14-gauge sheet metal tray with wire dividers,
    or a welded 2″ frame to store boxes, smaller cartons or other materials

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