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Finally, what the industry has been waiting for: a semi-automatic, water-activated case sealer that provides a secure closure on corrugated boxes. Learn about the value this case taper brings to the market! The new H2O system features IPG’s patent-pending, wetting-roller technology.


BENEFIT #1 – SECURITY: Tape closure is “tamper resistant” and “tamper evident”.
The WAT tape adhesive bonds securely to the highly-recycled content of today’s corrugated boxes, creating a better seal than regular carton sealing tape. In addition, the machine provides a double wipe down for an extra secure seal.

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BENEFIT #2 – HIGH SPEED: Utilizes less tape and larger (4500-ft) rolls for fewer tape changes.
Faster than the standard WAT tape dispensers, this ergonomic, user-friendly machine can produce a rate of 10-12 cpm. The easy case size setup allows the operator to seal corrugated cases at a faster rate than a traditional dispenser.

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BENEFIT #3 – COST SAVING: Use less materials and get a better seal.
Water-activated tape creates a stronger seal, requiring less “back pressure” (or void fill) on the inside of the box. With only one strip of WAT tape needed on each end of the box, you can decrease the amount of tape used in operations. In hindsight, the secure closure helps deter pilferage, cutting down on shrinkage.

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BENEFIT #4 – RANDOM CASES: Ability to adjust for different sized RSC boxes for case sealing.
The H2O unit adjusts to each size RSC (regular slotted container) and is convenient when multiple corrugated box sizes need to be sealed through a single machine. Integration is perfect for secure case sealing in any fulfillment and distribution industry.

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BENEFIT #5 – BRANDING OPPORTUNITY: It’s more cost-effective to print on water-activated tape.
Put your company’s branding on WAT tape. It’s a great and inexpensive way to get your message and logo in front of your customer – available in a variety of roll lengths, for paper and reinforced tapes.

blog ipg h2o wat case sealer branding shorr packaging

As a market leader, Intertape Polymer Group has engineered the first effective WAT taper of its kind. The heavy-duty construction allows for continuous 24/7 functionality for all operators, plant engineers, maintenance and purchase teams alike.

Take a look at the video to see some “key highlights” of the new equipment and see the H2O 2024-WAT Random Semi-Auto Case Sealer in operation.