Packaging Equipment

Shorr Packaging has built a solid reputation of representing the best in packaging equipment and automation through decades of service in all facets of the packaging industry.

As one of the largest and most respected independent packaging distributors in the U.S., we are proven experts in identifying the right packaging machinery for your application. Strategically located throughout the country, we work in-depth with all levels of local and national companies to provide our customers the appropriate automated solutions for their needs.


Shorr’s Packaging Automation Group is experienced in virtually every area of business and packaging environment. We offer complete packaging equipment sales support for equipment selection, integration, installation, training, service, and parts procurement.

Premium Packaging Machinery

Shorr Packaging offers premium packaging machinery and equipment, such as case sealers, stretch wrapping equipment, cubing/weighing systems, shrink wrapping equipment, and more. When used correctly, these packaging tools can streamline your packaging process, giving you an edge over your competitors while also saving you money and improving your productivity.

Let Shorr help you decide which equipment will most benefit your business, whether it’s a new bagging system to reduce your labor costs or an automatic labeling machine to showcase your packaging’s premium design. With over 90 years of expertise in packaging equipment, we’ve worked with clients in almost every industry to fulfill their packaging machinery and equipment needs.

At Shorr, we can supply your packaging machinery needs from start to finish so that your solutions are complete, efficient, and cost-effective.

Packaging Machinery Partnerships

To fulfill our clients’ needs for high-quality packaging equipment and technology, Shorr has developed key partnerships with top-tier manufacturers of packaging machinery, such as Lantech, Dehnco, Cubiscan, and more. Our equipment range is expansive, from workstations to stretch wrapping machines. We work closely with our partners so that we can guarantee our customers’ satisfaction when choosing their new packaging machinery. In many cases, we’ve collaborated with our partners for several years, and we’re confident that our clients will enjoy working with our partners as much as we do.

By partnering with these expert brands, we’re able to offer our customers an unbeatable combination of our extensive knowledge and our partners’ premium products. As the saying goes, “you are the company you keep”; at Shorr Packaging, the company we keep is knowledgeable, helpful, problem-solving, and above all, ready to address the customer’s needs.

For more information about how Shorr Packaging can connect you with the perfect packaging equipment solution for your situation, contact us today.

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