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Texwrap St-2410iss Intermittent Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

The Texwrap ST-2410 intermittent motion, side seal wrapper works well for large products. As the new version of the older 2602 model, this machine has the ability to run boxes 24″ wide and 10″ tall – giving versatility to accommodate a variety of package sizes and configurations.

With the exclusive Versa Seal side seal the equipment can run with consistent, high quality seal, utilizing the option for a variety of different film types. A heating element sales and separates the film between, as the belts continue to clamp the film securely, allowing the seal to cure and providing proper scrap and trim separation. Tightly clamping the film between the parallel belts, the design allows for control of the film tension, providing consistent seals with the minimum film width – saving cost on every package.

With the flexibility of this machine, operators find the ease-of-use to be great plus. The standard autospacing control, horizontal and vertical photoeyes, and the precise variation of conveyor speeds provides a solution that can accommodate randomly fed or choke-spaced products.

Texwrap ST-2410 Features:

  • Texwrap’s exclusive Versa Seal side seal
  • 36” hot knife cross seal with precision temperature control
  • 24” wide infeed & exit conveyor
  • 11” cross seal jaw opening
  • Calibrated adjustments for product set-up
  • Self contained scrap wind-up
  • Horizontal and vertical photoeye controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag length
  • Pin perforator/brush air evacuation system
  • Variable speed control with belt speed of 100 feet per minute
  • Independent exit conveyor speed control
  • Automatic autospace tuning feature adjusts machine to match upstream production
  • Autospacing for control of randomly spaced or choke fed products
  • Allen Bradley PLC control
  • Product set-up helper
  • Adjustable film inverting head with controlled air bearing surfaces
  • Autospace multipack ability

Texwrap ST-2410 Specifications:

  • Maximum package size: 10”H x 24”W x infinite length
  • Minimum package size: 4”L x 2”W
  • Maximum film width: 36” centerfolded
  • Electrical requirements: 240/208 Vac, 1 phase, 25 amps
  • Conveyor height: Adjustable from 32.5” to 38.5”
  • Air requirements: 80 PSI
  • Machine controls: Allen Bradley
  • Maximum film speed: 100 FPM
  • Operator control panel: Swivel access, swivel mounted

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