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Lantech Pallet Grip

Pallet Grip® is an exclusive, patented feature available for specific Lantech® stretch wrappers that makes loads safer by preventing products from shifting or sliding off the pallet during transport.

The process begins by rolling up 3″–6″ of film web to create a tight cable. The rolled cable of film is then driven down and positioned just below the top runner boards and wrapped around the entire pallet. This precise placement of the cable allows the fork truck to pick up the palletized load without puncturing the film and compromising the wrap tension.

Pallet Grip creates a unique “load to pallet” bond that keeps product on the pallet during all stages of handling, which greatly reduces the risk of load damage or loss during transit. This unique system is compatible with all pallet types and is highly effective with a wide range of load styles, including most inboard and outboard configurations.

em>Pallet Grip® Features:

  • Locks Load to Pallet
  • Prevents Load Shift
  • Reduces Product Damage
  • Works with Standard Wood or Plastic Pallets
  • Handles Loads of Variable Weights
  • Accommodates any Load Profile

Pallet Grip® Specifications:

  • Meets large retailer specifications for pallet capture
  • Pallet Grip is a patented LeanWrap™ technology element

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