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PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Contributor

CNBC Make It article features Shorr Packaging, noting the Top 10 Cities where people Google search ‘Amazon Package Stolen’ the most. Featured information details that in 2017, more than 5 billion items shipped via Amazon Prime, with an additional focus on the trends of high ranked cities in the search per capita of wealth vs stolen packages. Top 3 including San Francisco, Seattle and Minneapolis, with full list here.

Additional key points by CNBC include search prevalence results, including city-based larceny theft rates vs ‘amazon package theft’ search results and the correlation between the two when comparing city to city. Article also notes Amazons 24/7 customer service department and the map tracking features as options to get help with package delivery and issues that may arise – as well as providing information about tools such as Amazon Locker or Amazon Key.

With current trends in mind, Shorr addresses data in both the analysis Amazon Package Theft in Major US Cities and the theft report Porch Pirates, Purchase Habits and Privacy covering the same growing topic that resonates concern about “package theft”.