Will your poly bag be lining a box, filling a bin or holding product? Shorr can provide a number of different poly product options and can help you find the best option, depending on your specific needs. See illustrations below to see how to quickly measure a variety of: flat poly bags, slider poly bags, zip top poly bags, wicketed poly bags and poly bag rolls. Also included for options to size: pallet covers, box liners, square container layflat poly bags, square container gusseted bags and barrel liners. In addition, Shorr has options for continuous lay flat and gusseted poly tubing and lay flat, gusseted, slit gusseted and center slit continuous poly sheeting. Note, that these sizing guidelines are a great starting point; as Shorr would be happy to work with you to help you find and select the exact bags for your needs.

infographic shorr packaging poly sizing measure bags tubing sheeting liners


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