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Industry-Recognized SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute) Grants Shorr Packaging Level-2 SQF Certification: Further Accelerating Expansion for Shorr Packaging

Shorr Packaging is proud to announce its continued expansion with the addition of a new facility in West Chicago, Illinois. This facility marks the packaging giant’s second, national SQF facility (its first being located in Atlanta Metro).

As a part of Shorr’s ongoing commitment to excellence and customer success, Shorr brings to both the Atlanta and Chicagoland SQF facilities an elevated level of quality assurance via its newly attained level-2 SQF certification.

Shorr’s President, Rob Onorato, explains the significance of the certification to the organization’s current and future food packaging customers: “Investing in all variables that ultimately led to us being recognized by an industry-revered food safety and quality program, like SQF, has been a priority of Shorr’s for years. Our commitment to our customers’ brands, buyers, and, most importantly, their bottom lines, made advancing our SQF certification a top priority. We are thrilled to offer this level of assurance to our customers, and I take great pride in saying that our customers can feel confident knowing they are working with the absolute best partner in the industry when they make the decision to partner with Shorr.”

SQF outlines the high-level benefits of certification to buyers:

  • By choosing to work with SQF Certified Suppliers, you will gain confidence in the companies you work with while lessening the likelihood and impact of a recall
  • SQF Certification is a rigorous, accredited, global program that is benchmarked to GFSI and fulfils most regulatory requirements
  • The SQF program assesses suppliers by focusing on critical food safety and quality elements such as hazard analysis, risk assessment, and proactive prevention strategies
  • The SQF Program helps reduce assessment inconsistencies and costs of multiple audits

A critical component of Shorr’s commitment to customer success is ensuring all Shorr facilities are staffed with the best talent in the industry. As such, Shorr is proud to announce the hiring of Moses Plomero, SQF Practitioner. Moses joined the organization with over 10 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge across the food packaging vertical. Shorr is confident that Moses will help maintain, and indeed augment, the organization’s position as a true best-in-class food packaging supplier.

For all of your organizational food packaging questions and needs, contact Shorr Packaging a call at 888.885.0055 or [email protected]