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Case Study Header Agricultural Manufacturer

Shorr approached a leading agricultural manufacturer to explore a void-fill opportunity. The manufacturer was using 100% virgin void-fill paper and Shorr was able to present a product that offered better product protection and included recycled content. Shorr soon learned that the manufacturer set a target of reducing 30% in Scope 3 CO2e emissions by 2030. They knew that to achieve this goal, they needed a partner that not only would supply them with sustainable products but could provide subject matter expertise and a robust sustainability program. Shorr leveraged its industry expertise and Sustainability Program Manager to implement efficient and sustainable packaging practices.

Shorr assisted in saving more than 506,241 trees by implementing more sustainable solutions.

Profitability, customer delight, and sustainability are achievable with Shorr.

After conducting a thorough STAMP (Shorr Total Approach to Managed Packaging) audit, Shorr’s packaging specialist and the manufacturer determined three focus areas:

  • More ergonomic and user-friendly solutions
  • Improved availability and pricing
  • Sustainability expertise and product offering

Shorr’s specially trained packaging expert took a consultative approach to deliver efficient solutions.

Shorr worked with the manufacturer closely, building trust and a long-lasting relationship before implementing solutions that best fit their needs. The manufacturer utilized unnecessarily heavy packaging materials that were causing workplace injuries. Shorr implemented a fan-folded paper, reducing each roll’s weight by 64%, greatly lowering the number of back injuries. The new material also allowed workers to load equipment with eight times the amount of product than the previous solution; this drastically increased throughput and maximized efficiency.

Shorr’s sustainability subject matter expertise enabled the agricultural manufacturer to advance its 2030 goals.

The first sustainability opportunity Shorr assisted with was changing from a 100% virgin paper void-fill product to a curbside recyclable kraft paper that is responsibly sourced from 100% recycled materials.

Reduced greenhouse gases by more than 43.6M lbs. while eliminating over 15.8M lbs. of solid waste.

Shorr identified and implemented solutions designed to meet unique goals.

Case Study Header Agricultural Manufacturer Machine in Field

Improved user experience and more ergonomic equipment
Shorr implemented more user-friendly equipment and a lighter, fan-folded product, reducing each roll’s weight by 64%, leading to fewer back injuries for workers.

Shorr sustainability advanced long-term goals
Shorr worked with the manufacturer to choose products that aligned with their objectives, allowing them to advance their sustainability goals by replacing current products with more eco-friendly solutions. By making the switch, Shorr enabled significant environmental savings:

  • 506,241 trees
  • 2.32012E+11 energy BTUs (a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources)
  • 43,618,256 lbs. of greenhouse gases
  • 236,610,056 gallons wastewater
  • 15,840,092 lbs. of solid waste

Omni-channel advantage
The agricultural manufacturer was able to take advantage of Shorr’s value-adding services, such as STAMP, ShorrExchange with 24/7 online ordering, sustainability, and intellistock, Shorr’s vendor-managed inventory, making supplies immediately available and improving the warehousing space required to store their packaging materials.

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