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A leading medical device company specializing in the production of minimally invasive surgical products required a packaging solution designed to ensure sterility, protection, and ease of use for medical professionals during surgical procedures. The customer previously utilized standard peelable pouches, and though they provided satisfactory performance, the customer identified several areas for improvement, including quality concerns with the seals, better opening properties, improved visual inspection capabilities, and cost. These improvements were crucial for maintaining product integrity and meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

New packaging  design enabled significant improvements of quality and performance.

Leveraging Shorr’s healthcare packaging expertise to find the best solution.

After conducting thorough research and consultation with Shorr’s packaging experts, the customer decided to transition from the standard peelable pouch to a new, sterilizable window bag known for its superior performance characteristics for their application and packaging needs. The transition from the peelable pouch to the new window bag involved several key steps:

Material Selection

Testing was conducted to identify the most suitable packaging material that met the customer’s requirements for durability, sealing properties, visual inspection, and regulatory compliance.

Prototyping and Testing

Prototypes of the window bag were created and subjected to testing to assess performance under various conditions, including accelerated aging, handling stress, and sterility maintenance.

Regulatory Approval

The window bag underwent thorough scrutiny to ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as ISO 11607 and FDA guidelines for medical device packaging.

Production Integration

Once the window bag was approved by the customer, it was seamlessly integrated into the production and packaging process, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Increased durability decreased the risk of seal damage during transport.

The transition to the window bag yielded significant benefits for the customer.

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Convenient aseptic opening and sterile presentation
The window bag gives a peelable film-to-film window for opening. This avoids contamination risk due to tears or loose particles of coating adhesive. The peelable seal facilitates a clean, fiber-free peel opening, allowing an aseptic presentation of the packed product.

Excellent protection
A unique multilayer structure film is used with strong and flexible features. The top of the bag prevents peeling and any seal damage during packing and transportation.

Improved user experience
Medical professionals benefited from the enhanced visual inspection capabilities and improved opening features, allowing for quick and accurate identification of the enclosed medical devices.

Competitive advantage
By adopting advanced packaging technology, the customer gained a competitive edge in the market by offering an improved quality, reliable, and user-friendly packaging solution for minimally invasive surgical products.

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