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Shorr is proud to announce that for the first time, we were awarded all three 2023 Pregis Purpose Awards. These awards align with our “Eliminate, Innovate, Circulate, Successful Delivery” pillars and commitment to sustainability through action. 

Shorr is proud to offer products that support our customers’ sustainability goals, such as resource reduction, recycled content, recyclability, and emissions-related targets. We value our partnership with Pregis as a reliable manufacturer of environmentally-conscious products to allow us to provide appropriate and accurate certification and documentation to verify all claims. We look forward to continuing this progress and our collaboration. 

What Are the Pregis Purpose Awards?

The Pregis Purpose Awards are built on a set of actionable, measurable goals that Pregis plans to achieve over the next decade. These awards recognize and honor those partners who share their dedication to sustainability initiatives and practices, corporate stewardship, and community improvement.

The 2023 Pregis Renew Award

Renew Award Badge 2023

The Pregis Renew Award acknowledges Shorr’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. By providing customers with Pregis AirSpeed® Renew Inflatable Solutions made with recycled content, Shorr reduced 150 metric tons of carbon emissions in 2023.

Reducing 150 MT of carbon emissions is the environmental equivalent of:

  • 6,515 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled
  • 165,311 pounds of coal burned
  • 16,879 gallons of gasoline consumed

The 2023 Pregis Preserve Award

The Pregis Preserve Award honors Shorr’s significant contribution to the protection of global forests. By providing our customers with Pregis Easypack 100% curbside recyclable paper, Shorr was able to help save over 45,000 trees from harvest last year and over 800,000 lbs. of sequestered carbon.

This endeavor has far-reaching positive effects on climate regulation, pollution control, and overall quality of life. Scientists estimate that each mature tree absorbs approximately 48 lbs. of CO2 annually, emphasizing the critical role that trees play in reducing atmospheric carbon, generating clean oxygen, and sustaining our ecosystem.

Preserve Award Badge 2023 transparent

The 2023 Pregis Inspyre Award

Inspyre Award Badge 2023

The Pregis Inspyre Award acknowledges Shorr’s support of the Uzima Clean Water Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing water filters to communities in Africa, Central America, and Asia. One in nine people globally lacks access to clean drinking water. Uzima’s mission strives to combat waterborne diseases, enhance economic conditions, advance gender equality, and improve the quality of life in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Through our support of Pregis Inspyre products, we brought life-changing clean water to people in need for years to come. In 2023, we positively impacted over 1,000 lives in need of access to clean drinking water.

Shorr’s Sustainability Mission Statement

At Shorr, sustainability translates to ensuring that we focus on actionable steps that eliminate waste and natural resource consumption, innovate customer solutions and products that deliver tangible and measurable impact, and circulate to minimize our customers’ and Shorr’s environmental footprint.

We prioritize the successful delivery of products to eliminate the unnecessary emission of greenhouse gases.

We are here for our customers every step of the way as they embark on their sustainability journey.

Learn more about Shorr’s sustainability initiatives here.