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It’s hardly a radical notion that the pandemic has disrupted business as usual, irrespective of industry. With the “unknowns” seeming to grow by the day, however, where do savvy business leaders turn for stability and continued revenue growth? The answer: a partner whose model was constructed on adaptability and innovation, pre-pandemic.

While Shorr Packaging certainly wasn’t planning for a global pandemic, it was planning on the needs of its customer partners changing – and changing rapidly. What’s become clear is that the investments Shorr Packaging made in technology and talent, pre-pandemic, has enabled its ever-growing portfolio of customer partners to thrive, and subsequently meet the needs of their customers, during the pandemic and beyond.

Shorr’s Strategic Plan rollout began in early 2019. Central to the early stages of the rollout was the ambitious goal of continuing Shorr’s expansion of its geographical presence with new locations in Des Moines, Iowa and Apodaca, Mexico. Shorr’s goal of being physically proximate to its customer partners stems from the organization’s proven model of success: offering customers (whenever possible) in-house technology and real-time adaptability – including the ability to immediately scale – yields greater customer outcomes and augmented, long-term partnerships with Shorr Packaging. It likely goes without saying that it takes more than a warehouse to generate beneficial customer outcomes, however. Enter Shorr team members – both veterans and new hires. Part-in-parcel with Shorr’s investment in new locations was the packaging giant’s investment in top-tier talent, across all 30+ Shorr locations.

Regional Sales Manager, John Burns describes why he made the decision to come to Shorr Packaging in June of this year: “Shorr is unquestionably elevating the entire packaging game. Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, I can say with 100% confidence that Shorr’s commitment to its customers is second-to-none. It is that commitment that drives everything we do at Shorr. From technological investments – like Shorr’s VMI (vendor managed inventory) application, enabling our clients to take their own inventory counts, enter them into the app, and place orders directly without the help of an onsite vendor – to meeting our clients with strategic solutions that transcend traditional packaging requests – such as warehousing, automation, and logistics – Shorr delivers for its clients, every day.”

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Shorr’s ingenuity and zeal for delivering beneficial customer outcomes is conveyed by customer partner Kwang Casey, CEO of Oaken Barrel Brewery. Kwang states, “when the pandemic first happened, I had an option: I could’ve just closed, but I have loyal employees who have been here 20 plus years … Part of the reason I used to avoid carryout was because of packaging. We used to use plastic bags, but I despised those …  Then it dawned on me: “What if I make my carryout packaging better?” When Jason [Coonce, Sales Manager at Shorr Packaging] showed up with a packaging idea, it meant a lot to me – because he was thinking about my business … When I saw the box I thought, “that’s it!” … The partnership with Shorr has been great. I think Shorr Packaging is in front of the industry.”

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