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wexxar bel 5150e form pack seal auto adjust shorr packaging

Wexxar Bel recently announced the release of their new BEL 5150E. The BEL 5150E is the first semi-automatic form, pack, and seal solution designed for E-Commerce applications. This revolutionary product has the ability to automatically change case sizes, allowing it to adapt to the fluid nature of the industry, improving packaging speeds and efficiency.

The BEL 5150E integrates with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help you achieve the best results, providing significant optimization and time savings. Your ERP system reads all incoming orders and determines the optimum case size for each. It then directs the BEL 5150E to begin changing case size to

fit the next order as your current packaged case exits the machine. The order is then verified, sealed, labeled, and ready for shipping as the BEL 5150E receives the next case size information and begins the cycle again.

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While integrating this product with your ERP system renders the best results, users can also select box size on the HDMI screen or integrate other types of input tools, such as buttons, scanners, and more. While most e-Commerce applications use between eight and 15 different box sizes, the BEL 5150E– has a capacity of up to 30 different box sizes with the ability to expand further.

Fully automate your packaging line with additional features. The Pick-To-Light Case Rack is an optional case rack with pick-to-light to advise operators which case size should be used. The Nestaflex conveyor is a flexible conveyor which can be manipulated in length and shape to fit changing and restrictive packaging applications.

The BEL 5150E is the first-ever all-in-one form, pack, and seal system with auto adjust case size changeover, designed for low to mid-speed e-commerce applications. This easy and ergonomic two-handed case packing device is compact and can fit in almost any application and plant space.

“The BEL 5150E allows the operator to spend more time on making sure the product they are putting in the case is the right product and that the case they’ve picked is the right size for that product. This allows them to produce more in less time, helping you to ship more out the door,” said John Washko, Director of Packaging Automation at Shorr Packaging Corp.

For more information on Wexxar Bel’s new BEL 5150E packaging system and additional e-Commerce applications, contact Shorr Packaging Corp. today.