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In case you missed Pack Expo (or you’re just looking for the Cliffs Notes), we have you covered! Learn from packaging automation expert, John Washko, how you can control costs and increase productivity by 100+% by reducing pack stations by 50% and baggers by 75% with these eCommerce automation solutions. Watch the video above or read on to learn more!

“The first one is a Wexxar Bel 5150E, what this does is allows the operator to have the boxes secured so that they can pack them into the box easily. So for example, if you have today eight pack stations you could easily go down to four pack stations and allow those four people to go pick more product. This allows the operator to spend more time on making sure that the product that they’re putting in the case is right, that the case that they pick is the right size case, to produce more with less time, which will allow you to ship more out the door.

This second solution is a combination of two different pieces, the first piece is a new film that’s so strong that you’re able to use it as the shipping method. Designed by Clysar, the really cool thing is in conjunction with the Texwrap system you get to minimize your dim weight cost and still have a package that’s going to arrive at the customer in a pristine way. And then we’re also showing you this Texwrap e-Pack 3322 where you might have 100 baggers, we might be able to take down from 100 to 20, 25, 30 baggers, and that’s what you’re seeing now, everything is done and this is ready for shipment.

Up next is a solution for those of you who use water-activated tape today. This solution is something again very new, today you are currently putting tape on and using your hands but this will erect the case, put the tape on water-activated tape at ten per minute, and allow your packer to pack the case and then send it down a line where maybe multiple different sizes come together. And this random tape sealer then puts water-activated tape on the top. That gives you the most sustainable look while increasing your productivity by 20%, 30%, 50%, as much as 100%.

The next solution is going to be something for those of you who used baggers and you find that there are some things that just don’t fit anymore. Pregis has now introduced this Sharp Max- Pro 24, which allows you to do a 24-inch wide by 40-inch long package so you can imagine how big now you can put pillows and all different types of packaging in it where before we had to put it in a box. This of course helps us to minimize the shipping costs and gets customers a really nice-looking package.

The next thing we’re going to show you is the Sealed Air I-Pack, this is a game-changer in that it allows customers to do a bigger format. The whole purpose of the Sealed Air I-Pack is to speed up your packaging process for those of you who are looking for the most effective dimensional weight. It actually makes a really cool package finish when you see that tear strip on the package. The whole system is high speed and is really going to help you minimize your costs.

Finally, I want to show you something that I think is going to be helpful to those of you who use pressure-sensitive tape solutions. This is a 3M 7000r high-speed solution, and what it does is it can take you from those three tapers down one, one operator, one void-fill station, and allow you to get product in and out of your building much faster. 

These solutions are something that I think you’re going to find are just part of what we do. Our Packaging Automation team is looking forward to finding ways that our team can help you provide the most effective and efficient solution for your particular needs.” -John Washko, Director of Packaging Automation

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