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A retail marketing company was looking for a copack partner on a large scale opportunity assembling and filling multi-vendor displays to be in store before the holiday season. The retail marketer knew they needed help with available space and labor to fulfill the project. Shorr leveraged a long-term relationship and industry expertise in contract packaging to offer an efficient and scalable solution. Shorr leveraged industry expertise and ShorrPack to offer cost-effective co-packing and kitting services.

11,500 fully loaded retail displays delivered on time.

Shorr’s experience and contract packaging capabilities delivered impactful results.

Contract Packaging

Contract packaging involves a process where separate items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together. Shorr has talented designers that will work with you to create product-specific packaging. We also maintain quality, preformatted packaging materials in flat and knock-down configurations, ready for “just-in-time” assembly and delivery.

Our specially trained team collaborated with the retail marketer to manage:

  • 150,000 square feet of warehouse space in close proximity to highways in a good labor market
  • Equipment to fulfill assembly and kitting process
  • Labor and labor management

Shorr resources went beyond a simple distribution model to include:

  • Secured warehouse space quickly with a short-term lease
  • Set up the warehousing space to efficiently execute the project
  • Assembled and loaded 11,500 displays
  • Shipped in three waves, 100% on time and in full (OTIF)
  • Facilitated significant labor and freight savings
The assembled displays were delivered to over 5,000 retail stores across the United States.

ShorrPack benefits:

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  • SQF Level-2 Certified Facilities
  • Best-in-Class Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Improved Workflow, Material Handling, and Output
  • Reduced Multi-Shaft Production
  • Reduced Storage and Warehouse Requirements
  • Reduced Workplace Hazards and Other Risks

If we could do any of this for your organization, wouldn’t that be worth a call? (888) 885-0055

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