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A fast-growing packaged food company, suffering from service disruptions in its packaging operations that were costing the company in materials, labor and delivery delays, needed a long-term fix. Shorr brought the solution. As a multiyear partner, Shorr has helped the company implement efficient packaging practices for increasing productivity and output, and continually keeping customers happy by keeping costs in line.

23.6% first-year packaging cost reduction

See why Shorr is the ideal partner for food packaging solutions.

We began the partnership with a detailed audit, which included:
    • A comprehensive review of the food company’s packaging process
    • An in-depth analysis to identify and manage packaging costs
    • A road map to achieve improvement in just a few weeks
Shorr’s packaging automation team helped transform the food company’s operations with:
  • System designs
  • Project management
  • Equipment specialists
  • Local service technicians
  • A parts department
  • Deep industry relationships with equipment manufacturers
Our specially trained team collaborated with the food company to manage:
  • Packaging automation
  • Inventory management
  • Material handling
  • Packaging materials
Shorr resources went beyond a simple distribution model to include:
  • Design and management expertise across nine company locations
  • Added freight, space, inventory, and materials resources

Shorr’s resources produced a larger return than any simple unit price comparison could offer

Five years of excellent results and counting!

  • As a result of our multiyear partnership, Shorr has helped our client generate substantial and recurrent savings in space, inventory, freight, and labor.

  • In the first year, ROI was largest due to a one-time drop in cost of inventory — savings remained strong through the five-year milestone.

  • The annual space and inventory savings were achieved from efficiencies in inventory, capital, and storage space.
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Return On Investment (in %)

Year 1
Year 3
Year 5
Space & Inventory Savings Year 1 Year 3 Year 5
Cost of Inventory ($.MM) $1.6 $1.6 $1.6
Cost of Capital @14% ($.MM) $0.2 $0.7 $0.0
Cost of Storage Space ($.MM) $0.8 $2.5 $4.2
Total Savings $2.6 $4.7 $6.8

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