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Custom Packaging for Distribution

Distribution success requires great timing, the right products and management of countless other moving parts. Shorr Packaging offers support to distribution companies by helping them capitalize on efficiency and integrate packaging functions with on-site operations. This inevitably leads to more timely shipments, faster turnaround and happier customers.

By localizing full-cycle packaging processes, distributors drastically reduce warehousing, contract packaging, logistics and labor costs. They also enjoy greater control of raw materials and resource allocation within the supply chain.

We offer a full range of packaging equipment for distribution centers and other companies. Our products include case erectors, automatic taping machinery, void fill, and all the packaging products needed to ensure safe shipping. High-quality equipment from brands like 3M, Wexxar and Interpack, increases speed to shipment and reduces damage during transit. This automation significantly cuts down on labor costs.

Shorr also offers consultations focused on corrugated design, packaging management strategies, application analysis and national packaging programs. Our team of packaging consultants has decades of experience working with customers in a wide variety of fields, to help identify equipment, products and processes that reduce overall cost and increase efficiency.

Shorr understands that distribution is not an isolated process. We have a nationwide presence of packaging consultants and sales teams to support your distribution operations throughout the country. Headquartered just outside Chicago, we are supported by operations in Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and beyond. No matter where your distribution center is located, you get personalized service and the products you need, in a swift, reliable manner.

Shorr’s team of sales professionals will help you identify action-oriented opportunities and provide detailed recommendations, including choices for better packaging products, improved workflow, storage options and automated equipment. Our experienced packaging engineers will design an automated solutions plan that specifies the proper equipment for your unique needs. Click here to contact us today.

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