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E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of commerce in the world, presenting both unique opportunities and challenges. With global e-commerce sales now surpassing $3.5 trillion per year and traditional retail operations competing with many up-start, online-only retailers, e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down.

Supporting retail e-commerce requires a high degree of responsiveness and flexibility. Speed, accuracy and product integrity are critical. The wrong processes or packaging can mean increased shipping cost, high rates of return and customer dissatisfaction. Managing your packaging processes, machinery and products effectively can be the difference between a successful e-commerce operation and one that ultimately harms your business.

At Shorr Packaging, our experience and knowledge allows us to assess every fulfillment component of your packaging operation and recommend solutions that improve productivity, material consumption, labor costs and distribution procedures.

Packaging Equipment, Products and Consulting for E-commerce

Shorr Packaging works with a variety of e-commerce retailers, distributors and suppliers to develop custom solutions and match the most effective equipment and packaging supplies to your business. Whether you’re a rapidly growing online retailer that needs to invest in automated packaging equipment and streamline your processes, or a third-party logistics provider attempting to balance logistics issues with client specifications, our experts work with you to ensure success.

Shorr can help you design an effective, multi-level packaging line solution, resulting in increased productivity and reduced labor costs. Our equipment specialists can recommend a combination of automatic baggers, hand-packing stations, case erectors, dimension-weight scales and random case sealers to create the right packaging system for your specific operational needs.

We also offer an array of products designed to accommodate the specialized needs of e-commerce enterprises: corrugated boxes, carton sealing tape, void fill, labels, packing list envelopes, hand-length stretch film, temperature control devices, poly bags, air cell wrap, mailers, packing paper and air pillows.

At Shorr, we offer the products, strategies and knowledge to help e-commerce businesses grow. We provide personalized solutions and support, backed by a nationwide network of distribution centers to help you meet your goals. Click here to contact us today.

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